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The need for innovative value based psychiatric benefit management services

Dr. Malik Vazi, CEO

Dr. Malik Vazi, CEO

Rising costs of mental illness are driving organisations and individuals alike, to a state of despair. Loss in productivity and lack of enjoyment of lifeĀ“simple pleasures are widely reported in most cases where there is mental illness. The scarcity of appropriately trained mental health practitioners, lack of financial resources for treatment and high prevalence of mental illness are some of the painful findings in the Esidimeni tragedy and elsewhere. To deal with this exploding mental health crisis, innovative ideas are needed. To this end, we are proud to provide evidence based and practice grounded psychiatric benefit management services to employer groups, managed health care organisations and administrators. This benefit program seeks to extend the Rand spent on treatment for the benefit of patients and funders while keeping practitioners highly motivated and vested in health outcomes, in line with our belief in value based mental health care.

Dr. Malik Vazi, CEO.Ā