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Health care for Military Veterans: Protecting men and women who sacrificed for our freedom.

Dr. Malik Vazi, CEO

Dr. Malik Vazi, CEO

It is no secret that a life of a soldier is a hard life. It is a life dedicated to serving others and placing their wellbeing above your own. The least any proud nation can do, is to honour and restore their dignity by providing reasonable and adequate protection for men and women in the military, when they are out of service. After all, Military Veterans have made it possible for everyone else to enterprise in peace and enjoy the fruits of that enterprising, with the full knowledge that there are those who are not sleeping but standing guard to protect our hard earned freedom. This is more so in a country like ours, whereby some military veterans sacrificed their youth in the quest for freeing their country from the chains of oppression. Indeed the country’s debt to our Military Veterans is beyond redeemable.

Dr. Malik Vazi, CEO.