About Us

Zeal Health Innovations is a complete Health Services Company of the 21st century, and a Health and Welfare SETA accredited training provider that started as a human resources management specialist company in 2004.

As a health benefit manager and provider of coordinated medical and mental health services, we have our core strengths in operating as a Behavioural Health company that focuses on Psychiatric Managed Care Services, Health and Wellness, Health Promotion and Health Education, Psychiatric Treatment and Care, and Health Care Consulting.

We are operating throughout South Africa, with main offices based in Gauteng. Ours is a company that prides itself on innovative and cost-effective preventative, health protective and quality of life enhancing intervention strategies.

Our service outcomes are: enhanced productivity, improved health status and quality of life of both the general public and employees.

We deliver our services through a matrix structure that brings together professionals from various disciplines and expertise to create services that improve health. We are supported by a multidisciplinary network in all provinces.